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Title : Most Shocking
Running Time : 89 x 60’
Network : truTV
Most Shocking

Program Details
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A desperate fugitive hijacks a garbage truck, destroying everything in its path in a mind blowing run from the law!

A SWAT team crashes through the front door of a home booby trapped with explosives, when suddenly they are blasted 20 feet in the air by a massive explosion.

A state trooper stops a car for speeding.  But as he approaches the driver’s window, the passenger leaps out with a 12-gauge shotgun, triggering a terrifying point-blank shootout!

Action explodes onto television screens, NASH Entertainment style, in 89 episodes of MOST SHOCKING, the police-in-action reality show that is the highest-rated series in the history of truTV.

MOST SHOCKING is the ultimate “caught-on-camera” reality series, featuring the most shocking, action-packed, never-before-seen crime footage you will ever witness!  Combining breathtaking moments captured from all over the globe, MOST SHOCKING allows viewers to ride along for a pulse-pounding pursuit, to feel the wrenching drama of a tense hostage stand-off, or even get a chilling glimpse of a life and death shootout.

Each one-hour episode features dramatic first-hand accounts from police officers and everyday citizens who have experienced these harrowing ordeals, including such themes as MOST SHOCKING…High Speed Pursuits, Criminal Behavior, Dangerous Drivers, Deadly Force, Robberies & Hold Ups, Under Siege, Dumbest Criminals, Hostage Standoffs…and more.

MOST SHOCKING is the police-in-action television series with the most excitement…the most danger…and the most incredible videos you’ll ever see! It’s so real…it’s unreal!