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Title : Most Shocking
Running Time : 89 x 60’
Network : truTV
Most Shocking

Program Details
A desperate fugitive hijacks a garbage truck, destroying everything in its path in a mind blowing run from the law!

A SWAT team crashes through the front door of a home booby trapped with explosives, when suddenly they are blasted 20 feet in the air by a massive explosion.

A state trooper stops a car for speeding. But as he approaches the driver’s window, the passenger leaps out with a 12-gauge shotgun, triggering a terrifying point-blank shootout!

Action explodes onto television screens, NASH Entertainment style, in 75 episodes of MOST SHOCKING, the police-in-action reality show that is the highest-rated series in the history of truTV.

MOST SHOCKING is the ultimate “caught-on-camera” reality series, featuring the most shocking, action-packed, never-before-seen crime footage you will ever witness! Combining breathtaking moments captured from all over the globe, MOST SHOCKING allows viewers to ride along for a pulse-pounding pursuit, to feel the wrenching drama of a tense hostage stand-off, or even get a chilling glimpse of a life and death shootout.

Each one-hour episode features dramatic first-hand accounts from police officers and everyday citizens who have experienced these harrowing ordeals and lived to tell about it, including such themes as MOST SHOCKING…HIGH SPEED PURSUITS, CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR, DANGEROUS DRIVERS, DEADLY FORCE, ROBBERIES & HOLD UPS, UNDER SIEGE, HIGH SPEED CHASES, CRIMINALS OUT OF CONTROL, FIGHTS & WILD RIOTS, UNDER THE INFLUENCE, LAWLESS LADIES, DUMBEST CRIMINALS, HOSTAGE STANDOFFS…and more.

NASH Entertainment, the most popular producer of reality television specials and series in the world, has previously worked closely with law enforcement officials to produce a spectacular variety of police-in-action programs, including NBC’s Television Network WORLD’S MOST AMAZING VIDEOS, FOX Television’s WORLD’S SCARIEST POLICE SHOOTOUTS and WORLD’S WORST DRIVERS, to name a few.

MOST SHOCKING is the police-in-action television series with the most excitement…the most danger…and the most incredible videos you’ll ever see! It’s so real…it’s unreal!