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Title : You Can't Lick Your Elbow
Running Time : 6 x 30'
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You Can't Lick Your Elbow

Program Details
It’s an inside look...at your insides! YOU CAN’T LICK YOUR ELBOW (6 x 30’) is the National Geographic Channel’s remarkable, new, one-stop guide to the weird, amazing, and often unbelievable things the human body is capable of. A complicated system of muscles, bones, and strange jiggly bits that totally gross us out, the human body is the most complex piece of machinery in the universe; we’ve all got one, and yet none of us totally knows how to use it. But that’s all about to change.Guided by our intrepid host, future National Football League Hall of Fame player Tony Gonzalez, each episode of YOU CAN’T LICK YOUR ELBOW uses extreme situations – from a Special Forces raid to a North Pole marathon to a night of heavy drinking and more – to show viewers cool body tricks they can use to help them maneuver through their own daily lives. For example, secrets to reduce stress, overcome exhaustion, and manage pain with pressure points are techniques that make Navy SEALs amazing fighting forces, but they’re also things viewers can employ almost every single day. Did you know you can clear your sinuses by jiggling your vomer bone? (Do you even know what a vomer bone is?) What kinds of body tricks do soldiers use to gain an advantage on the battlefield? Are you ready to prep yourself for a swim from Cuba to Florida? The medical science behind each topic in YOU CAN’T LICK YOUR ELBOW is brought to life with cutting-edge CGI and clear, easy-to-understand explanations. YOU CAN’T LICK YOUR ELBOW – have you tried yet? – but you can excite, delight and entertain your viewers with this incredible, new six-episode series.