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Title : Wicked Tuna
Running Time : 10 x 60'
Network : NatGeo
Wicked Tuna

Program Details
It has become one of television’s biggest catches – WICKED TUNA (10 x 60’), the captivating hit NatGeo series about a special breed of fishermen who will do whatever it takes to hook the elusive, and lucrative, Bluefin tuna.

Set in the North Atlantic off the coast of Massachusetts, WICKED TUNA follows the region’s most skilled fishermen as they set out in frigid waters in hopes of catching enough Bluefin tuna to earn a living. With a fishing window of just 14 weeks and the livelihood of their families at stake, these proud men and women compete out at sea in a battle to hook the very best fish. Pressure abounds as they are relied upon by their families, by their shipmates who dream of one day having their own boats, and by the town that depends on their collective success to sustain itself.

It can take weeks to catch a fish, but when one Bluefin can bring in as much as $20,000, the incredible dangers and unprecedented challenges they face – including shark attacks, the threat of overfishing, “Googans” (weekend fishermen), personal squabbles, and, of course, Mother Nature – are well worth the struggle.

In its premiere season, U.S. viewers fell for the show hook, line and sinker, as WICKED TUNA ended its first broadcast year as one of NatGeo’s top three highest-rated series, averaging a million viewers each episode. And the series, currently in its second season, has already been renewed for Year 3!

So reel in the viewers with the hit television series – WICKED TUNA!