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Title : Wild West Chronicles
Running Time : 15 x 60'
Network : INSP
Wild West Chronicles

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Based upon true stories of incredible events from a bygone era of hardship and lawlessness, some of the most famous and notorious characters, as well as unknown heroes, of the Wild West…all come to life, once again, in this brand new scripted reality series which has already been renewed for two more seasons!

Each WILD WEST CHRONICLES episode is narrated by the legendary gunman/sheriff-turned-reporter, Bat Masterson…who now chases stories, as he once chased outlaws, on his quest to separate fact from fiction. Masterson travels the frontier to uncover the true stories behind some of the West’s most fascinating events and characters, such as - The Dalton Gang, The Great Train Robbery (Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid), Annie Oakley: Rise Of A Shooting Star, The Real Lone Star Ranger, Wild Bill Hickok & The First Quick Draw Duel, Dr. Susan Anderson: Frontier Medicine Woman, Bat Masterson: The Dodge City Dead LineThe Bandit Queen and Elfego Baca & the Frisco Shootout, among others.