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Title : World's Most Amazing Videos
Running Time : 65 x 60'
Network : NBC/Spike TV
World's Most Amazing Videos

Program Details
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Commencing with its successful run on the NBC Television Network, this is one of television’s original, and continuing, reality success stories. WORLD’S MOST AMAZING VIDEOS is the highly popular NBC/Spike TV series that features shocking “caught on camera” footage of gripping, dramatic events, as ordinary people become immersed in extraordinary situations.

The world is a scary place where danger lurks around every corner. A Navy crewman gets too close to a jet engine – and is sucked inside! A terrified skier is buried under two hundred tons of snow when he’s ambushed by a killer avalanche! As an ocean liner sinks, the crew escapes in the lifeboats leaving hundreds of frightened passengers fighting for their lives!  Nash Entertainment’s WORLD’S MOST AMAZING VIDEOS features incredible, true-life stories of people who faced their most desperate hour – and lived to tell about it.

A stealth bomber falls out of the sky and crashes into a backyard picnic! A deep-sea diver gasps for air when a killer octopus tries to rip off his facemask! A racecar skids out of control, hurling a frightened bystander 25 feet into the air! These incredible episodes show exclusive “caught on camera” footage of these dramatic events, then hear the dramatic first-person accounts of the people who survived them.

These images are so startling…so awesome…so unbelievable…you may think you’re watching a movie…but you’re not. Everything you see is real. Real people! Real danger! Real excitement! Get ready to experience the thrill of a lifetime. These are the WORLD’S MOST AMAZING VIDEOS!