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Running Time : (12 x 60’)
Network : UKTV

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From Zak Bagans, the creator, Executive Producer and star of Ghost Adventures – the #1 paranormal show in the world – comes the next generation of paranormal ghost hunting!

Zak Bagans, MY Entertainment and Back2back Productions introduce HELP! MY HOUSE IS HAUNTED! (12 x 60’), the spine-tingling, new 12-episode series that goes beyond the ghostly activities famously found at historical monuments and tourist attractions, and focuses instead on everyday people who have encountered supernatural phenomena in their homes and establishments. Executive Produced by Bagans and scheduled to premiere on UKTV’s Really in the UK, each episode travels to a new location to investigate reports of frightening paranormal activity. Viewers meet a host of people desperate for help, from a single mom too scared to live in her dream home to a family whose young daughter plays in her room with a child spirit…a terrified landlady with a pub besieged by a petrifying poltergeist presence to a couple whose Scottish castle serves as home not only to them but to dark demonic entities… and much more!

HELP! MY HOUSE IS HAUNTED! unites three of the world’s leading paranormal investigators, all trained by Zak Bagans himself, who work together utilizing a fascinating mixture of supernatural knowledge, investigative apparatus and diverse skillsets: Chris Fleming, the world-renowned psychic medium who has been at the heart of some of the most important paranormal investigations of recent times;
Sandy Lakdar, the Parisian supernatural investigator responsible for the web paranormal series ‘The Believers’ and a frequent Zak Bagans collaborator; and Barri Ghai, the founder of The Ghost Finder Paranormal Society in the UK and considered one of the world's leading paranormal consultants.

In each one-hour episode, our team of investigators, using every technique available culled from their years of experience, prepare for the case and hardware the spooked site with state-of-the-art technology in order to capture any paranormal activity that arises overnight. Local townspeople are also interviewed to gather information about the neighborhood’s unique and macabre history to see if an event in the city’s past is connected to the occurrences at the haunted location. Was there a battle that took place nearby? Or a grisly murder? Or perhaps there is a long forgotten-about burial ground deep under the building’s foundation?

Finally, after extensive review of all of the information gathered over the course of their investigation, Chris, Sandy and Barri stop at nothing – including séances, lone vigils, cleansing rituals and much more – to help families reclaim their properties from dark demons and unwelcome spirits.