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Title : Shallow Grave
Running Time : 8 x 60'
Network : Crime & Investigation Channel UK
Shallow Grave

Program Details
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SHALLOW GRAVE (8 x 60’) is the gripping new reality series produced in the U.K. and the U.S. that combines emotionally compelling, real-life murder stories with incredible forensic science and policing to create a bold true crime series.

Each episode of SHALLOW GRAVE features a murder that has been committed elsewhere, with the victim’s body transported and then dumped at what investigators call “the deposition site”, or shallow grave. Bodies are discovered burnt, dismembered and decomposed but all share one thing – clues to the killer. With multiple crime scenes to contend with as well as the unconventional nature of these murders, these crimes are almost impossible to solve using conventional analytical methods. Instead, the lead investigator in the case, along with a crack team of forensic scientists – be they pathologists, forensic archaeologists, anthropologists and even entomologists – uses cutting-edge diagnostic techniques as well as information culled from first-hand interviews, walkthroughs at the real locations, access to key witnesses and investigators, and real footage (archive, crime scene photos, phone recordings), in a bid to profile the victim and determine the timeline, manner and circumstances of the yet unexplained murder. All the while, the vivid storytelling – complemented with cinematic re-enactments and reconstruction – creates a murder mystery “whodunit” that is gradually unpeeled as investigators dig for the truth and gather any and all clues from the shallow grave.

Sample episodes include:

A burning suitcase and air thick with the smell of burning flesh leads to 24 hours of forensic examination and a partial finger print, the first major breakthrough that would lead the police to a gruesome discovery in East London.

The charred remains of a 22 year-old man, burnt beyond recognition and found in a half-dug grave, involves more than meets the eye as this shallow grave’s story goes far below the surface, cumulating in the gruesome discovery that the grave was dug by the victim himself.

Two brothers murder their sibling and leave his dismembered body in two different locations but when the discovery of the corpse is not enough to prosecute, only the evidence hidden in the shallow graves tie the brothers to the murder.

An ex-boyfriend kills the mother of his child and scatters her dismembered body across three states in the U.S.…all with the couple’s 13-month-old baby in the same vehicle as her mother’s corpse.

The process takes viewers on a journey to justice as the experts bring home answers to the grieving families of the victims with the buried secrets of a shallow grave brought to the surface.